The Wire Dress

Hannah made this dress for our 3D design class. I thought it was awesome. So we did a little shoot :)

Cooper: Baby Gap's Next Top Model {Utah Baby Photographer}

Check this cuteness out. It's ridiculous.

And if you were wondering, I did nothing to his eyes. They're just naturally gorgeous like his beautiful mommy's :)


Check me out on Thumbtack!

So I am now listed on Thumbtack! Thumbtack.com is a great way to promote your business...you get to create a profile and they help you promote it! You even get to be listed in Google :)

So check it out here:
Professional Portrait Photography


Fun Family Shoot! {Utah Family Photographer}

These guys were so much fun to work with! And the boys are seriously adorable little bundles of energy :) Enjoy!


Thora and Pete: Maternity Shoot {Utah Maternity Photographer}

Pretty pretty Thora is due in about 2 weeks! So exciting! Babies are cute :)


Julie at the lake {Utah Fashion Photographer} {Utah Headshot Photographer}

Always wanted to do a shoot like this. Lucky I have Miss Julie, who will do any photoshoot I come up with, no matter how cold and windy it is :)