Olivia {Nevada Portrait Photographer} {Nevada Fashion Photographer}

Olivia is one of the funnest people I've ever met. And I am OBSESSED with her eyebrows. So we went on a little photoshoot adventure (and may or may not have almost died in the process). Enjoy this gorgeous girl's dance / edgy fashion shoot!


Sophie {Nevada Portrait Photographer} {Nevada Fashion Photographer}

So last summer, I got to photograph my gorgeous niece! Unfortunately, I've been so busy since then that I hadn't gotten to chance to edit the photos. But, ta da! Here they are, finally! And I'm so excited about how they turned out :) Check it out!


Longmore Family {Utah Family Photographer} {Nevada Family Photographer}

I'm so excited that I got to photograph this beautiful family again! Unfortunately, it was FREEZING out, so we didn't get to shoot for too long. But they were definitely troopers! Here's hoping this weather warms up soon!