Millers {Utah Maternity Photographer} {Elko Maternity Photographer}

I had an absolutely impossible time choosing favorites from this shoot! Everything about it was gorgeous! The Albion Basin is one of my favorite places to photograph, and the Millers are just beautiful, fun people :) Plus those absolutely stunning gowns (and headpieces!) from Sew Trendy Accessories. So perfect!


Beauty Revived {Utah Portrait Photographer} {Elko Portrait Photographer}

My second feature is up on Beauty Revived! Check out the amazing Marilyn here.

Marilyn is one of the sweetest women I’ve met. My mom is the one who suggested that I photograph her, and when I had the opportunity to speak with her, I could immediately tell why. She’s just amazing! Here’s what my mom had to say:

“When I first met Marilyn, she introduced herself as “Marilyn from Maryland”. It was a clever way to help me to remember her name. As I have gotten to know her there is no longer the need to remember her tag, “Marilyn from Maryland”, because I know her as the wonderful person she is.

Marilyn is a spry “older person” who lives her life every day. If someone needs a meal, chances are she has already made it and is on her way to deliver it. She doesn’t seem to stay still for long. She is active in the senior community and holds the office of secretary in two seniors clubs that I know of.
Marilyn was one of the founding members of the Kiwanis Club of Westlake, and not surprising, she holds the office of secretary at this time. She is very active with the Kiwanis, working to help support kids in many activities, such as reading in the local Saratoga Springs library, working with the books for kids at Head Start, feeding the homeless in Provo, and helping sponsor the Key Club at Westlake High School. She recently handed out the “Hope of America” awards to sixth graders at several area elementary schools.
Marilyn isn’t a person who attracts attention, she’s just a “doer”. She has been know to bake a cake. She’s a very good baker and cake decorator. She and her husband have lived in Saratoga Springs for about ten years. She is active in community and neighborhood issues. If needed she’ll put on her shoes and get things done.
For me, she is someone I can count on and that’s what friends are. She’s also a great example to me, that you don’t stop living when you retire; you keep on moving, helping and giving.”