Sleeping Beauty Preview {Utah Fashion Photographer}

So...remember that one time over a year ago when I started this princess project? Yeah. Well, I'm finally getting the time to edit all of them! So here's a preview of Miss Ashley as Sleeping Beauty. Enjoy!


Burn Scar {Utah Fashion Photographer} {Utah Headshot Photographer}

So this is one of my favorites of the recent shoots I've done. I took Valerie with me up to the burn scar of one of Utah's recent wildfires and shot in the charred trees. It was such a beautiful landscape, and with the warm light and Valerie's awesome red hair, it just made me think all the more of fire :)


Liz {Utah Fashion Photographer} {Utah Headshot Photographer}

Another one that I did this summer and just now got to. Liz came through to visit and I got to do a shoot with her :) Enjoy!


Freya Spring Shoot {Utah Fashion Photographer} {Utah Headshot Photographer}

Yeah, so I finally finished these. Being busy really cuts down on the time I have to edit my own shoots. But better late than never! (that will apply to a lot of shoots that I post in the near future...)